One Of These Columbus OH Restaurants Will Fit Your Tastes

You have begun your search for popular restaurants in the Columbus OH area. You have more than you might think to choose from. Just High Street alone features more restaurants than are in many other cities out there. Columbus is the capital city, and there are so many top dining establishments. The following are 4 great places to grab a bite to eat in Columbus.

I don’t think I have featured a barbecue restaurant in Columbus yet. In other articles, there are plenty of other types of cuisines featured, but barbecue has not been mentioned. So here is your choice for barbecue in Columbus. It’s called City Barbecue, and its location is 2111 Henderson Road. Order up pulled pork, ribs, corn pudding, barbecue beans and more. Notice the menu highlights feature what’s called barbecue beans, not baked beans. That’s quite interesting if you ask me.

There have been other breakfast restaurants I’ve mentioned, but this one is a good one. It’s called Super Chef’s Breakfast & More, and the waffles look spectacular. The location of the restaurant is 199 East Broad Street, and breakfast pizza is another one of its claims to fame. You can order up red velvet pancakes, too, and the waffles, well there is an even a waffle sandwich on the menu. Have you ever heard of such?

Next up is Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, located at 73 East Gay Street. Some of the popular items on the menu there include blackened catfish, feta dip and pot roast. I have never tried a feta dip before, and that sounds very intriguing. Taking a closer look at the menu highlights for this place, the restaurant seems to serve up a little bit of everything. The sweet potato fries sound delicious, too.

Then there is Flip Side, which is located off of Easton Street. Green eggs and ham are on the menu there. Gourmet fries also make the menu highlights, and that kind of leaves you wondering, doesn’t it? Grass fed beef burgers are popular at Flip Side, and that is what I see in a picture, too.

You’re going to enjoy some delicious food while traveling around seeing the sights in Columbus. I’d say you have four unique picks here when it comes to the best restaurants in the city. I’ll give you my first pick. I suppose I would say that my first visit would be to Flip Side.